Mechanical engineering

Test benches

A multi-skilled team of engineers from the SPR group, expert advisers in mechanical endurance, designs and produces your test benches to your special requirements.

Test bench and bespoke test engineering

SPR’s engineers carry out the mechanical design of test benches and their static and fatigue resistance properties are numerically validated by calculations. The team also handles automation, signal processing, servos and electrical wiring. We have extensive experience in all manufacturing-related sectors. To comply with machine safety directives and standards from the design stage onwards, a certification body is made part of the project. SPR can provide end-to-end project management and support the customer all the way to bench certification and its industrial integration on-site.

Bespoke mechanical test benches

The mechanical test benches developed by SPR’s design office engineers are designed specifically for the products to be tested, your specific needs and the standards applicable to your industry.

We develop our benches to meet applicable international standards and quality labels in each country, such as the ISO standard. All our test bench ranges, whether performance, endurance or production testing, include every possible type of mechanical test.

  • Test benches

  • Performance benches

  • Endurance benches

  • Fatigue benches

  • Production test benches

Tried and tested methodology

Our engineers design your test benches based on 2 main factors: innovation and design combined with hands-on application and industrialisation. Innovation and designing new testing and inspection facilities allows us to provide our customers with complex and ground-breaking test solutions. Our test bench application and industrialisation process based on customer specifications means that we can provide turnkey test bench design, development and delivery. Our engineers design outstanding benches endowed with special features that allow exposure to harsh environments.

End-to-end support

SPR’s design and engineering office includes experts specialising in a wide spectrum of expertise. Their greatest strength is their ability to work in synergy so as to meet the needs of each one of our customers. Today’s challenges are prompting makers, equipment suppliers and industrial manufacturers in every sector to use methodologies and test facilities that are increasingly effective and similar to real-world user environments. Our engineering team supports our customers throughout the entire cycle: from the requirements definition phase all the way to the team training phase.
SPR in figures
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Reference areas
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  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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