SPR carries out very high precision machining on unit parts and short production runs.

Serving precision

SPR excels in ultraprecision machining and manufacturing parts to micron tolerances. Rigorous, precise and highly dexterous, SPR group professionals meet all the special requirements of ultimate precision mechanics. Our micron-tolerance machining services include all materials, from technical plastics to very hard materials such as industrial and other difficult ceramics. SPR is equipped with all the resources, technical and human, to achieve high performance in the infinitely precise.

Guaranteed micron-tolerance

Machining precision, for very small mechanical parts, extends all the way down to the micron scale. Micromechanics originally developed in the watchmaking industry, where high precision machining is a necessity.

SPR has the right production resources to guarantee full compliance with the micron-tolerance requirements of machined parts. Our machines allow us to inspect and test parts with micrometric precision and ensure the machining of mechanical parts to the nearest micron. These inspection and testing capabilities and experience allow SPR to deliver on-demand services accompanied by the necessary inspection and test reports.

  • Ultraprecision micromechanics

  • High-precision micromechanics

  • Grinding

  • Machining of hard materials

  • EDM machining

  • Spark erosion sinking machining

  • UHS machining

  • Micromilling

  • Microblasting and sandblasting

  • Polishing and lapping

Cutting-edge technology

SPR has a long-term vision and invests in new technology to be ever more innovative and offer our customers new, tailor-made high quality processes. We put our know-how and expertise at your disposal through our patented processes. We are constantly investing in our production tooling to stay at the cutting edge of technology and innovation and to develop new techniques.

Our areas of expertise

Aeronautics, food production, automotive, energy, industry, medical, nuclear, and not forgetting watchmaking: SPR’s experience and production resources allow us to meet the needs of high-tech industries. We help our customers in their development by providing them with our industrial expertise for the production of high-precision components and sub-assemblies. Our production unit is designed for manufacturing complex parts and we are involved from production to delivery, ensuring a high-performance finish.
SPR in figures
  • Since 1999

  • 48 facilities in Europe

  • A presence in 5 countries

  • 490 employees

  • 85,000 m² of covered workshops

  • A base of 730 machines

Reference areas
  • Aeronautics/Armaments

  • Food production

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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