SPR offers CNC machining services for structures of any complexity, intended for production in short or mass production runs.

CNC machining, the best choice for fast prototyping

CNC - or Computer Numerical Control - machining uses machines controlled via a set of instructions sent by an activator. The CNC machining process interprets your 3D CAD model and translates the data so that it can be used by CNC machines. CNC machining allows you to manufacture your parts from the actual material you are planning to use for production. CNC machining is the best choice for fast prototyping of high-quality metal and plastic parts requiring the highest level of dimensional precision, critical surface finishes and material-specific properties.

CNC machining services: fast machining of prototypes and part production runs

Because of its European scale, outstanding in-house capabilities and a machinery stock of several dozen CNC machine tools, SPR is capable of meeting within very short deadlines all manufacturing requests for short and mass production runs alike.

Whether it’s aluminium, steel and stainless steel, copper and brass, titanium or polymers: SPR carries out your numerical-control parts machining work on all types of material. The machining process comprises milling, turning, and drilling as well as threading the metal part. SPR carries out all operations involving reworking, thermal processing and surface treatment and also constructs assemblies and sub-assemblies to then deliver your parts to you in the form of a finished product.

  • Multi-axis CNC milling workshops

  • CNC and rotation tooling benches

  • CNC drilling

Precision, manufacturing and production

As a specialist in material removal, SPR has the main mission of obtaining ultimate efficiency by constantly pushing back the established limits of machining. Our group’s CNC equipment allows us to produce unit parts or parts in large quantities. Our constantly improving quality system allows us to adjust to the quality demanded by our customers. With our equipment we can provide a vast range of part sizes. From simple CNC lathing to 5-axis milling head lathing: nothing is impossible!

High-speed machining centres

The entities of the SPR group have numerical control machining centres for advanced materials: composites, carbon fibre, aluminium, light alloy and metal. Significant investment in research and development have allowed our group to stay ahead of the pack with machines that deliver high-performance service when it comes to precision, execution speed and reliability, and meet the needs of customers working in the most demanding sectors: aerospace, automotive etc.
SPR in figures
  • Since 1999

  • 48 facilities in Europe

  • A presence in 5 countries

  • 490 employees

  • 85,000 m² of covered workshops

  • A base of 730 machines

Reference areas
  • Aeronautics/Armaments

  • Food production

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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