Machining & precision mechanics

Special machinery manufacturing

At SPR, we put all our special machinery manufacturing expertise into helping you fit out your industrial facilities.

A one-stop support package

Whether it’s automated systems in the fields of assembly, testing & inspection, transfer, vision and robotics or machinery and machining lines, at SPR we put all our special machinery manufacturing expertise into helping you fit out your industrial facilities. Our design office’s specialist engineers wield over thirty years of experience and will support you in all your projects, from the specification stage all the way to commissioning.

Special machinery design and production

SPR combines experience, know-how, quality and competitiveness to respond to all your projects.

High-throughput assembly machines, jointers, palletizers, marking machines etc.: SPR designs, engineers and manufactures your special machines. We offer solutions ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated lines featuring bespoke design.

Our metal workshop paired with our machining, assembly, wiring and automation workshops are the backbone for your projects. Your special machinery is developed on our premises. Its performance is tested for compliance with specifications.

  • In-house frame production

  • Automation architecture design and electrical engineering

  • Industrial vision integration

  • Robot integration

  • We can also take care of your commissioning requirements

  • Training and technical support

Expertise in a wide range of industries

Aeronautics, food production, automotive, energy, industry, medical, nuclear: since its inception, SPR has chosen to work in highly diversified fields and our group can supply a unique solution for each sector of industry. This versatility allows our engineers to tackle a wide variety of problems and transpose technical solutions to new areas of application. We are able to think outside the box and offer you original and innovative solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Automation and robotics working for your special machinery

Thanks to our automation and engineering know-how, SPR can provide services in automation and industrial robot programming. As a special machinery manufacturer, this means that we can round off our portfolio of services with programming services for robot units and full production lines designed by our design office. Our engineers program the automated systems, industrial and collaborative robots in the programming languages specific to each interface. Our engineers will help you select the most suitable robot for your application to obtain the most effective special machine possible.
SPR in figures
  • Since 1999

  • 48 facilities in Europe

  • A presence in 5 countries

  • 490 employees

  • 85,000 m² of covered workshops

  • A base of 730 machines

Reference areas
  • Aeronautics/Armaments

  • Food production

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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