The SPR group designs and produces modular machining units. Our design office, made up of specialist engineers, has wide-ranging skills and will support your projects and design the machining unit best suited to your needs.

Manufacturer of machining units

SPR specialises in designing, engineering and manufacturing mobile machining units. What sets us apart is our ability to design and produce equipment with components that achieve perfect rigidity, allowing for ultraprecision machining illustrated by tolerances down to a hundredth of a millimetre. In addition, the design of our mobile machining units allows them to be employed in very small spaces and in very restrictive environments. For the production of your machining units, the SPR group will support your project and design the most suitable unit and the best solution with you.

Stand-alone machining units

At the forefront of engineering, SPR offers you bespoke machining unit projects.

Manufacturing machining units is a pillar of our commitment to innovation and engineering. An important factor of these machining units is that their features can be modulated and adjusted to the needs of your industry. Our team of engineers researches and develops the machining units to adjust them to the capacity of each business and each industry, and does so for every single project. In this way, we are once more putting engineering at the service of your project needs.

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Standard and bespoke solutions

SPR offers a range of standard machining units that meets the most common needs of the industry but can also meet more specific requirements. SPR is now capable of meeting extremely demanding specifications by adapting our standard range or developing a new machining unit from scratch to make it fully customised according to your requirements.

Support from our design office

Together we refine your requirement to create your bespoke machining unit in terms of functionality, safety and profitability. Our design office will study your specifics in finest smallest details while taking into account standards, ergonomics and experience feedback. From our design and manufacturing processes onwards, we optimise the dependability, maintainability and maintenance costs of our machining units.
SPR in figures
  • Since 1999

  • 48 facilities in Europe

  • A presence in 5 countries

  • 490 employees

  • 85,000 m² of covered workshops

  • A base of 730 machines

Reference areas
  • Aeronautics/Armaments

  • Food production

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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