Mechanical engineering

Design calculations

SPR’s design office is made up of engineers specialising in mechanical calculation and simulation, and is endowed with multi-sector experience to verify and certify your industrial equipment designs.

We provide support across several phases of your project

Primarily, our design office can help and guide your design team to optimise their designs from the point of view of mechanical strength and manufacturing cost optimisation. Alternatively, if you have already defined a solution, our engineers can analyse the different load cases you have defined. To verify and certify your input data before manufacturing, we carry out a study and provide you with design calculations certified by our mechanical engineers. Finally, this service means that we are able to calculate and verify all turnkey projects taken on by SPR from design to manufacturing.

Mechanical calculations

Whether it’s for the automotive, aeronautics, food production, defence or energy sectors, the experience of SPR’s engineers in the field of design calculations means that they are involved in multiple projects.

Depending of your project, our engineers will tell you what standards apply. To deliver a quality service, our design office uses the most relevant software for your requirements.

  • Structural pre-design

  • On-site readings and measurements

  • Load calculation

  • Optimisation

  • Calculation

  • 3D modelling

  • Verification

  • Document authoring

Calculations and mechanical design for industry

Our mechanical calculation services involve 3 major areas, including standard-specific design and validation, material, component and assembly modelling as well as behaviour simulation. The time spent on design calculations ranges from a few hours for the simplest to a hundred hours for the most complex.

Mechanical calculations: bullet-proofing your project

With extensive experience in the field, SPR we will help you implement your calculation procedure so you can guarantee a design that complies with applicable standards. Our mechanical calculations will also allow you to estimate the mechanical strength of the system and thus run iterations on the initial design to optimise it, even before producing a prototype. Lastly, design calculations will also allow you to determine the product life over time as a function of the loading cycles exerted on the structure and to simulate an industrial process.
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Reference areas
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