Delivering all the strength of a European group specialising in machining and precision mechanics since 1999.

facilities across Europe
85 000 m²
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Mechanical engineering, machining & precision mechanics

The SPR group comprises several entities, each one specialised in a clearly-defined field.Our industrial expertise centres each have their chosen technology and all work in complete synergy. Mechanical engineering, machining and precision mechanics are our core business.

SPR delivers one-stop multi-speciality services aimed at centralising your solutions and reducing the number of people you need to contact. High standards are an important part of the SPR group’s DNA: our companies boast quality certifications that testify to our ability to respond to your most stringent technical requirements. As your partners, we support you through your parts design and manufacturing process and assist you in building your sub-assemblies to create added value that goes way beyond a simple manufacturing service.

An industrial group that supports the most demanding sectors

SPR is an industrial group of 48 companies, each specialised in its field.
Aeronautics, food production, automotive, construction and civil engineering, chemicals, electronics, energy, industry, medical, military, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, textiles and watchmaking: since 1999, SPR has been working hand-in-hand with the biggest names in excellence.The SPR group’s entities are based in France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain and each one owns technology allowing it to work in synergy with the others.

General mechanical engineering and precision machining: complexity working for innovation

Now a part of everyday life, cutting edge technology is constantly being honed and perfected to deliver ever more intuitive innovations supported by complex systems and requiring increasingly sophisticated design standards.
As a specialist in mechanical engineering and precision machining, the SPR group places its expertise at your service and works with you to design your future engineering projects.
From product or prototype design all the way to final production, our CNC machining centres control the entire production process to guarantee a product that meets the quality standards and specific features of your projects.

SPR, a specialist in machining and multi-sector precision mechanics









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