SPR’s 3D printing and additive manufacturing know-how is unique and based on a wide variety of 3D printing technologies and materials working for your products. Our machines and production capacity make for high speed production.

3D printing experience and know-how

SPR designs and produces your 3D or additive manufacturing prototypes and products of all sizes and all materials on request, in just a few days. SPR was among the first to use cutting edge 3D printing technology to help businesses to develop products, reduce costs and optimise the supply chain. Today the SPR group is one of the fastest manufacturers in the 3D printing and on-demand additive manufacturing arena. SPR offers over 70 different materials, ranging from plastic to metal through resin, wax and ceramics.

SPR, the 3D printing and additive manufacturing specialists

Several 3D printing technologies are used in different industrial sectors for various applications. SPR specialises in additive manufacturing and 3D printing and brings all these technologies to its customers.

Our company is fully proficient with all 3D printing methods. The SPR group places all its expertise at your disposal to produce your 3D prints through a variety of 3D technologies.

  • Stereolithography - SLA or SL

  • Selective laser sintering - FSL or SLS

  • Fused deposition modelling - DFF or FDM

  • HP Multi Jet Fusion - MJF

  • Polyjet

  • Vacuum casting

The advantages of 3D printing

3D printing delivers more freedom than any other manufacturing technique. Your objects are printed in the form of 3D models using 3D modelling software that gives you the opportunity to create any shape or geometry, from the most simple to the most complex. In this way you can create your projects from scratch, visualise your products better and fine tune your 3D models as required. Additive manufacturing brings your projects to life, whether for prototyping or directly for production.

Bespoke and standard finishes

The finish, whether it is functional or aesthetic, will determine the performance of the final product. To make your products look great or deliver the appearance you want, SPR offers you a choice of several finishes: basic, finishes with spot removal by sponging and sandblasting, UV varnish, matt paint or RAL paint, basic primers, ready-to-paint primers, fibreglass, chrome, metallic coatings etc. SPR has extensive experience in the production of prototype parts, trim, and design parts in the aeronautics sector. To do this, we use materials that are fire-rated as per the FAR25.853 specifications, smoke-rated as per the specifications of the Airbus ABD 0031 or Boeing BSS 7238 directives or toxicity-rated as per the ABD 0031 or BSS 7239 specifications.
SPR in figures
  • Since 1999

  • 48 facilities in Europe

  • A presence in 5 countries

  • 490 employees

  • 85,000 m² of covered workshops

  • A base of 730 machines

Reference areas
  • Aeronautics/Armaments

  • Food production

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Energy/Nuclear

  • Printing/Textiles

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

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